Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Overhead at Restaurant

Saturday night Scott and I were out on a date to celebrate out fifth wedding anniversary. (yay us!) We went to this wonderful restaurant that was very cozy and had great atmosphere and food.

After the check was paid and we stood to put on our coats, I overheard a comment from a table of four women that made me stop dead in my tracks. I don't know what proceeded the comment, but all I heard this older woman say was, "I haven't gone back to that salon since I had my pubes waxed!"

I had to turn my head to keep from showing my grin. After I closed my mouth and contained myself, I shared the comment to Scott who apparently missed it. And once I was safe in the parking lot, I laughed my tail off.

What has been the most random, weird, or obnoxious comment you have overheard in public?

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Meesh Hays said...

Sounds like something I might have said!

This doesn't qualify as something overheard, but...Jimmy and I were at a Taco Bell before kids and this really loud obnoxious manager dude had been fusing about this and that and the other. So he says, with great frustration, "WHO KEEPS PUTTING FOOD IN HERE??" to which my beloved replied (to me), "That's what his proctologist wants to know." Oh, my, what an obnoxious boy I married.