Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mundane Malisa

So we are home again. I love my home. I love seeing the progress my garden makes while I am gone on a trip. I love being greeted by my pets. I love the stuffy smell of the garage when I first open it after a long trip. And I really love having my family all together.

Two weeks was too long. Emily and I were both painfully missing Scott by the end of the trip. We couldn't wait to see him. The entire flights home Emily told everybody about how she was going to see her daddy because she missed him, and I just about cried on the way home because I couldn't drive there fast enough!

So now we are back to our normal routine. Mundane, but lovely. I crave the schedule of a day, and the ordinary chores of grocery shopping and picking toys. I mostly really like the predictable nature of our family. I can count on it I guess, and that is why it is so comfortable.

Don't get me wrong, we had a lot of fun seeing everybody. We loved all the trips we took and the precious time we got to spend with family and friends.

But I am so glad that we are home! Remember that the invitation is always open to those who want to come visit!

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