Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chicken anatomy for Emily

So this morning I thought that I would cut up a whole chicken and slow cook it. This makes the meat fall of the bone, and it shreds easily, making it suitable for many recipes. Anyhow, as I am knuckle-deep in chicken yuck, Emily walks into the kitchen.
This is the convo that followed:

Emily: Oh mom, what are you doing with that?
Me: I am cutting up this whole chicken so that we can cook it.
Emily: Is that a cat chicken?
Me: No, but what is a cat chicken?
Emily: It is a chicken that is also a cat
Me: Oh. I have never heard of a a cat chicken, but this is not one. This is just a plain chicken.
(Emily at this point sees me whack off a leg and makes a face)
Emily: But what about the eyes and the teeth?
Me: Well, chickens don't have teeth, they have beaks, and the butcher already took of the part with the eyes.
Emily: Oh, well then it must be a fish chicken (We have already had conversations about how the heads with the eyes are already taken off of fish before we buy them. I think this is why she said this.)
Me: Nope, this is just a chicken.
Emily: Oh. Hmmmm....
(Emily walks away.)

Needless to say, I will be shocked if she eats dinner tomorrow night when she finds out that I am serving this chicken. Maybe she will forget. I will keep you posted.

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