Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby pictures for preschool

Emily's preschool teacher asked that we send in a baby picture. I had so much fun this morning going through and rediscovering some of my favorites, but I can't decide. Which one do you like best?



Anonymous said...

That's a tough one. But I'll have to say #1 'cause she still looks like a California girl. :)


The Nguyen Family- Sacramento California said...
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The Nguyen Family- Sacramento California said...

Alright. I love all of them but number two and three are just too precious. I love those chubby cheeks in number three and she just looks like she is having a ball in number two. Those two are my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

#3 Can you get any more precious???
Kathy D

Amber said...

I say #2 because she looks most like her grown up self and it's cute!

Colette said...

All cute, but is there a grammy alive that wouldn't want to love on those cheeks in #3? That's my vote.

Katie said...

#3 is so sweet, but I love them all.