Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Irmo Policeman

Thank you so much for breaking the window out of my car. I really have no idea how I could have locked both of my keys in my car at the grocery store. I've thought about it over and over again, and I just have no answer. How I was able to put both babies, all the groceries, the diaper bag, and the stroller in the car and then have it lock is beyond my understanding. But I am so appreciative of your understanding and the way you didn't judge me in my horrible situation. I really do think I am a good mom. I'm glad that through the chaos and tears you were able to tell me you thought I was a good mom too. It helped. It also helped that you said your wife locked your own child in the car. You may have been lying just to make me feel better, but that doesn't matter because it worked. I did feel a bit better.

Now whenever I hear of people complaining about the way you and your police friends camp out on Woodrow street, hidden in the trees to ticket speeders, I will rise to your defense. I was very grateful for you help today.

Thank you,
(a.k.a. the crazy mom of twins who locked them in the car in front of the Kroger and cried and cried.)


Adam said...


I think you're a good mom too, Malisa. You make the bestest salads without tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, every mom has their own story of the day she did something stupid. You know I have more than one crazy incident and we laugh about them now. And look you turned out okay.

I think you are a terrific mom.

As Adam said, "hugs!"

Love you,


Grandma Mary said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said...
I really don't think you're a great mom, I think you're one of the BEST MOMS I have ever known and seen in action!! As you have said before, "This too shall pass".
I would still leave my precious babies with you anytime.
You will soon laugh about this and, I am sure, many more incidents that may occur in the next few years. The cop who helped probably went home with a "Remember when you did this?" story to tell his wife.
Love and kisses to all and an extra special hug of comfort to you.

Anonymous said...

I did this in Oklahoma City in front of the gym. Morgan was in her car seat in full cold weather clothes(snowsuit and hat) and the sun shining on her. It was horrible! I know your pain.
Never mind the thoughts of not being a good Mom, you are one!!!
Kathy D.

Jenny said...

You know, the best locking the kid in the car story I've ever heard is the one where Judy Meyer locked Aaron in the car, then called Dick at work to get him to come home and let him out. Aaron figured out how to unlock the door before Dick got home, but Judy didn't want Dick to be mad so she re-locked Aaron in the car before Dick got home.

You are a great mom and crazy stuff happens when watching the kiddos.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Okay, that is truly an awesome story about Aaron in the car! Too funny.

I guess many of us have these things happen to us. I just hope that I've paid my dues, so to speak, and this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!

Not that the babies cared. Once we were on the road the fell asleep and were none the wiser. I however was left with a scar on my motherhood sash. Oh well! :)