Friday, October 09, 2009

Emily's Logic

Today as part of our lunch we had carrots and ranch dip. Here's the conversation that cracked me up.

Me: Hey Em, you need to eat your carrots. You love carrots.

Emily: Mom, I love carrots, but not today.

Me: (smiling) Why don't you love carrots today?

Emily: Because remember those red glasses at the eye glass store that we saw with Daddy?

Me: (Remembering when we picked up Daddy's new glasses OVER A MONTH AGO) Yes, I think I remember

Emily: Well, I think I would be really cute in those red glasses, so I'm not going to eat carrots today

Me: What?

Emily: If I don't eat my carrots, I will have bad eyes, and need those red glasses.

Me: You mean because I told you yesterday about the vitamins in carrots, and how they're good for your eyes?

Emily: (Smiling, like she finally got through to her dense mom) Yeah! If I don't get those vitamins, I think we will have to get my eyes fixed with those glasses, and I would be cute!

Oh Emily! Already manipulating the world in the name of fashion! I'm wondering how long she has thought about those red glasses. Its like she's been trying to figure out a way to get them ever since she found them weeks ago. I want to say it was in August!?! What a memory this tricky girl has! :)


Adam said...

Ha! Pure genius!

Jenny said...

Love it!