Thursday, October 08, 2009

This is how I do it...

So many strangers see me with the babies, and friends come over to our home and ask the same question: How in the world do I get anything done!?

The real answer is that I get stuff done with the help of Emily.
Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Could a big sister love her babies any more? I don't think so. She literally has never gotten upset at them, or not wanted them here. They are the first thing she asks about when she wakes in the morning, and she makes sure to kiss them good night before I lay them down for the night.

And because I've been meaning to post a picture of these cute chunky thighs, I will go ahead and attach it now. The pink trimmed socks probably give it away that this is Elsie. I love these chunky things! They always make me smile. I can't tell you how much Eli and Elsie's little bodies are different. Elsie is a very typical "floppy" baby body, filled with rolls and chunk. Eli is a little beef steak with a big head on top, and a body that seems too dense to bend sometimes. He is strong. Just ask Elsie how strong he is. She knows because of the many times he has managed to get a hold of the long tuft of hair on the very tip top of her head. And then he pulls. Hard. Emily and I have figured out not to allow our hair anywhere near him after we've suffered the consequences. Poor Elsie hasn't not figured this out, but gets the lesson re-taught daily.

Anyhow, we're settling down a bit. Still not a lot of sleep for me, but that's okay. I stay okay by staying positive, and its seems to work. This morning we're happy to be at home with no preschool, play dates, or errands. Emily and I just finished making cookies for Scott. Fun stuff!


Adam said...

Your post title was just one word off.

Also, hooray for Emily for being a great big sister. That will all change soon. ;-) "Get out of my room!"

Katie said...

I think Emily is going to follow in mom & dad's footsteps & become a teacher. The picture of her reading to Eli is precious!

Anonymous said...

These are just way too cute! Love this...and yes, it makes me want another one around here!