Friday, October 23, 2009


Last week my parents were here. I can't believe how quickly the week flew by! As always when they leave, it takes me a few days to get over it. Our family is a close one, and sometimes I hurt that we are so far away from them.

However, there is something very special about having an entire week with no work, no commitments, just family together constantly. It is a special time for Emily to have her Grammy and Papa at her disposal for a constant week. She enjoys every minute for sure.
It rained most days, so we spent most of the week inside playing with babies. I didn't take too many pictures but here are a few. The one of my mom and Elsie is a new favorite. Simply sweet! Elsie was being difficult about taking a nap one day, so Mom and I brought her in to lay down between us on the bed. Elsie would turn her head to look at Grammy and just grin! And then she would turn around to the other side to see me and grin again. She loved all that attention!
One evening our friends Amber and Steven came over and we stayed up late and played The Redneck Game of Life. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was fabulous! I think you Bakersfield folk should play it, but change the name to The Oildale Game of Life. Simply hilarious!

Emily got a new bike, and found a few non-rainy moments to ride it with Papa. She loves riding it now and shows me all the time how to use the hand brake that Papa taught her about. Apparently if Papa teaches you something it is much better than with plain mommy or daddy teaches you something. Emily also went to the movies with Grammy and Papa. She loved having them to herself. It was a fun time I'm sure!
Finally, here is a picture of Papa reading Chickens to the Rescue to Emily before bed. Of course Papa threw in his own twist at the end when he told Emily that the chickens got cooked the next night for dinner. Oh... my dad. He hasn't changed from when I was a kid!
What gets me through my mopey bummed out attitude when the leave is the excitement that I feel about our December trip. Its less than two month away, or as Emily says "Two flips!" (On the calendar!) I'm sure in a couple more weeks my mom and I will both be on countdown!

P.S. I forgot to mention that Scott took a day off while they were here and we got some pictures taken by a great photographer. I'll post some of those later when they are available! :)

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