Friday, October 23, 2009

Twins Update

I know I posted this picture below, but I kept looking at it and marveling at how much they've grown! Team that up with the awesome weekly posts that Katie does with Henry highlights, and I thought that maybe this once I could go ahead and find time to do the same for Elsie and Eli.

The funny thing about this picture is the story behind the bow. The white headband is plain, and I make bows on alligator clips to put on them, matching her outfit of course. But Eli thinks they are giant toys. He pulled that bow off so many times I can't even tell you. But we (well, I ) wanted people to know that they weren't both boys, so I insisted on putting it back on.

Anyhow, on to the highlights!

- Eli grabs EVERYTHING! From my dinner plate to Elsie's hair, he tries to get his little sausage fingers wrapped around it all.
- Eli is the people person and Elsie is the home-body. Eli isn't afraid of strangers, and Elsie does okay too, but in large groups of people in an unfamiliar setting, she begins to fuss and nobody calms her down but Scott, Emily or me.
- Both babies light up when they see Emily. It is truly fantastic!
- Elsie is the big eater. Don't let Eli the tank fool you! While Elsie is more petite than Eli, she now eats an entire bowl of cereal (sometimes two bowls!) and an entire stage 2 jar of baby food. And after that if Eli is hasn't finished his, she will often eat his as well. Eli eats exactly half of that amount!
- Feeding Eli a bottle (or nursing him) is like trying to feed a bear. He just won't sit still. Elsie likes to put both her hands behind her head as if to say, "Be advised, the princess will eat now."
- Eli doesn't cry. He yells. Loud. Like a little man.
- When nap time approaches, I swaddle both babies and give them a paci. At this point I simply lay Elsie down in her crib and most days she falls asleep without a peep. Eli prefers to be rocked back and forth while I SHHH SHHH him. If he isn't sufficiently asleep when I lay him down in his crib, he wakes up and yells at me, and then we start the whole process again. Luckily Elsie can sleep through her brothers yelling fits.
- Eli's two favorite things are the Jumperoo and the little chameleon on this exersaucer. Elsie's favorite things are any fabric that she can run her long fingernails across, and Dakota, our dog. She cranes her neck to see him.
- Both babies love bath time. Elsie loves when we lay her down in the very shallow water. She kicks her feet so fast and perfectly that I think she's be an excellent freestyle sprint star.
- Both babies have very very blue eyes, and while Eli's hair was blonde from the beginning, Elsie's wasn't. She had darker, longer hair. But while Eli's small amount of hair continues to grow, Elsie's hair has all but fallen out except for the tuft of hair on the top center of her head. (This is the hair that Eli likes to grab.) The hair that has grown in to replace the lost hair is just peach fuzz now, but it is very blonde just like Eli's. It will be interesting to know how it will turn out.

Our sweet twins will be six months next Friday *gasp!* Where did the time go? I'm working on a special 6 month post coming soon.