Monday, October 26, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding, right?

Yesterday will go down in the Johnson Family Record Books. It was a very long day and night with a lot of fussiness. The babies were so fussy by 6 p.m. that Scott suggested giving them a bath, since they normally love their bath.

Luckily it worked... for the time being. Not long after we put them to bed at 6:45 did Elsie wake up and start crying. She cried off and on for five hours. Yep, that's right FIVE HOURS. Scott and I heated and re-heated our dinner several times before we took turns eating. Eventually Elsie went to sleep, and then Eli decided to fuss. Finally I had a thirty minute break with no crying that allowed me to chit chat with Becky and my mom on the phone. The weird thing is that Becky and I just happened to discuss how great it would be when our children are out of diapers. I mentioned to her that potty training Emily was pretty easy, and that I could probably count the number of times she wet the bed on one hand.

Boy did I set myself up for that one. Later in the evening, right smack in the middle of Elsie fussing for literally hours on end, Scott was holding Elsie and I decided to check on Emily. Sure enough, she was sound asleep, but had wet the bed. My original thought was, "NO WAY!?!" This child hasn't wet the bed in well over a year! But sure as sugar the sheets were soaked. Poor Emily was so upset when I woke her and she understood what happened.

When that was cleaned up and Emily was back in bed (fully a half-hour later) Scott tried to put Elsie back down in her crib. Well, not only did she wake up, but Eli did too. At this point it was well past midnight. We finally got Eli back asleep, and Elsie was still in Scott's arms while I ran down stairs for some gas drops. While going down the stairs I almost stepped in a giant fresh wet hair ball. Thanks Fred the cat! Seriously? Fussy twins, a wet bed, and now a hair ball? I didn't want to ask what could possibly go wrong next. .

All Scott and I could do was literally laugh out loud. Sometimes the only relief from a fussy night with a baby (or as in our case, two babies) is the sun rise. And basically the end of our long night came with the sunrise and we all got up around six. Scott and I got no rest, but we were in good spirits. Thank God for great husbands. This too shall pass.

We don't know what caused Elsie (in particular) to be so upset last night. We thought maybe it was a new tooth, maybe she was having trouble going to the bathroom, or maybe the new veggie I tried at dinner didn't set well with her? Who knows. All I know was the only sleep she got was when Scott or I rocked her while pacing our bedroom.

I'm hoping that tonight will be a better night. And if it isn't I'm hoping I can keep a great attitude and that I will remember how lucky I am to have a husband to go through it all with me.


Katie said...

We had a terrible night with Henry on Saturday night. He was sick with a runny nose & terrible breathing and had had a fever 2 days before...completely understandable, but still quite a bummer. You're right, the sunrise is the only relief from a long night sometimes. I feel your pain (well, at least half of it, since I only have one baby :) We had a much better night last night though. Henry only woke once. Praise the Lord!

Adam said...

I think it should have been a rainy night with a leak in the roof. That might have wrapped it all up just about right.

Allison Babb said...

We had a bad night Monday. Kennedy went to bed at 6 AM. She never does this! What are those things they are in in the tub?