Sunday, February 22, 2009

What am I sick with?

For the last couple weeks schools in our have reported very high amounts of absences and children being sent home sick. Schools have reported numbers of absences in the hundreds, varying from whopping cough outbreaks at one school, to flu at another.

In my class we have had what I have jokingly referred to as the T.B. outbreak. More kids have this awful cough than not. They don't run fevers, or have any other symptoms... just a horrendous cough that lasts for more than a couple weeks. One child in my class has been on antibiotics since mid January, with no sign of kicking the cough. Of course they still come to school because they aren't really "sick" and can't miss weeks of school for a cough... so around and around it goes.

On Friday a student was out sick with flu. By Friday at 2 pm, the remaining three who sit at her group were sent home with flu. Also, Friday afternoon my good friend Meesh called to warn me that after five days of being told her son doesn't have strep, the doctor's office called with news that the longer strep test came back positive. She warned me because her son was hanging out at our house earlier this week.

So I ask you... what could this be that I have this morning? I didn't feel so hot by last night, and right now am so congested that my head is pounding, my throat killing me, and my stomach churning in a not so good way. I couldn't sleep past 5:20 (on a Sunday!) which is a total bummer. My fever is just around 100.

Any guesses?
I'm off to see what meds I can take while pregnant, and then to lysol the entire house.
Hope your family stays well! :)


Jenny said...

Malisa, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. The cough thing is making its rounds at our school. I thought my classroom sounded like a TB ward last week. A flu bug also went through our school and I caught it last week. I hope this passes you quickly.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

At first I thought it was strep... but now I think it is just a sinus infection. Thank goodness. I can go to work with a sinus infection! :)

I will probably call my doctor first thing tomorrow morning and get some antibiotics (hopefully!)

Allison Babb said...

My class and Karin's have been the stomach virus class. Beth's and Cindy's class are the flu class on our hall. Beth only had three kids on Friday! So far I am feeling fine, but my dog is sick. This never ends! Hope you just have an infection and can feel better quickly! Gotta save our sick days for maternity leave!

Sam said...

Feel better soon - whatever it is, it sounds like the same thing Hanna was home with all week last week. She had a low fever, though, and it suddenly decided to get worse Friday night.

In the past 3 weeks, Caleb's had 2 rounds of bronchitis and was almost hospitalized...once the bronchitis was finally clearing, he came down with a raging ear infection. And now Hanna has what I think has developed from a head cold to strep throat...I'm thinking it's going to be protective bubbles all around!

I am quite ready for winter to be over.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Oh Sam! That is awful! I've read about Caleb's various illnesses, but I didn't realize Hannah was sick too! Hopefully your home gets better too!