Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekend Outlook

Its 3:30ish on Friday and I am sitting at the computer with my PJs on. Emily is at my feet and has just pulled her socks off to pick out the "toe-jam" from between her toes. I had to leave halfway through the school day today because I'm still pretty sick with a sinus infection that has only gotten worse. I had a brief appt with my doctor who prescribed me a new antibiotic and then I went to pick up Emily just before nap time. After two hours asleep snuggling with her, and the promise of a more powerful med, I am hopeful to be back to my regular self soon. My family and students deserve better, that's all I can say.

And other than that, we have just a lot of to-do things this weekend. I was hoping for Scott to be able mow the lawn tomorrow morning, but it looks like that won't happen with the crazy weather.

It is 78 out right now, with the high reaching 70 again tomorrow. We're projected to get almost 3 inches of rain tonight and tomorrow, but then... what?!? That rain Sunday night will switch over to snow and some forecasters are calling for over an inch after the temp drops to the forties. That is a lot of the Midlands, and will surely shut the schools down Monday. That isn't even the mention of the slight chance of severe tornadic weather that we may have Saturday.

What a weird forecast. Should make it interesting!


Becky said...

That sounds like what we are going through here.

Hope you feel better!!!

Naps are always fun with cuddle buddies. Although my cuddle buddies are furry and they like to smother me (Meechie) step on every sore part of my body (Trey) or push me off the couch (Thomas).

Love you!

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Because life just happens this way, it turns out the prescription I got contains a penicillin derivative, ammoxicilin, which I am very allergic to. Of course I didn't know this until I started to take the pill, read the bottle, and went... hmmm. "Amox. I think I'm allergic to that."

I was willing to take the darn stuff and just deal with the potential impending rash, but Scott made a comment about our babies coming out with tails, so I decided against it.

A call to the on-call doctor on a Friday, and Scott will soon be on his way to the pharmacy, yet again, for a different medication.

Hope your Friday is more fun than ours! :)

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