Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleep for all!

Last night Scott and I developed a nightly routine for the babies in hopes that it would eventually prepare them for sleeping. We bathed them, fed them, swaddled them, and loved on them before laying them down awake in their cribs.

Not only did they fall asleep on their own, but they only woke for one night-time feeding at 2:30 a.m. Once they finished, we laid them both back in their cribs where they fell back asleep until 7 a.m. this morning. WOO HOO!!!

Now quite honestly, this is no surprise for Elias. He is such an easy baby. But Elsie, who my grandma dubbed "queen bee" is much more difficult. Most nights she will only sleep on my chest while I lay back in the recliner. Comfortable for her because she can sleep on her tummy and she doesn't pull out her arms, but not as comfortable for me as I long for my bed!

Maybe last night is the start of something great for Miss Elsie. We will be purchasing the special swaddling blanket for her today at Babies R Us on recommendation of Katie who has had success with Henry.

Now that they both finished eating again this morning I am going downstairs to enjoy some coffee and toast with the morning paper. So fabulous!

P.S. Emily also slept in until just a little while ago, which in itself is a feat for the otherwise 6 a.m. early riser!


Sam said...

Hooray for sleep!

Hanna was a terrible sleeper until we learned how to make a "nest" when she was at Valley Children's out of rolled receiving blankets with a softer blanket on top. One of the nurses told us it sort of mimicked the feel of the parent's arms - which was the only place we'd been able to get her to sleep up to that point. We'd swaddle her pretty well and place her in the nest and she was sleeping through the night within a night or two. It was amazing!

Katie said...

I think you will really love the swaddle blanket. Our nightly routine with Henry is almost exactly the same as yours and we have had great success. Glad you got some well deserved sleep!