Friday, June 12, 2009


The twins are six weeks old today. My original 40 week due date would have been last Monday (June 8) had I only been carrying one. That said, they have what the doctors call an "adjusted age" according to their due date.

What is funny about this is the change in beginning this Monday. It seems like they have awakened so to speak. They are both awake for about two hours at a time in between eating and napping. This wasn't the case those first few weeks. They literally slept so much I had to wake them to feed them. People would ask me how it was going, and look surprised when I would appear to have it together. I would remind them of the tremendous help I had at that time, and also ask them to check back in a few weeks when the babies "woke up." Those first few weeks were difficult because of multiple doctors appointments, lactation appointments, and last minute trips to Babies R Us to pick up those things we forgot, but not because of new babies fussing.

But this week is different. It is as if God knew I would need Scott home so the babies waited to wake up until Scott was done with school. This week has been a challenge to say the least. Elsie in particular is quite the fussy princess. She wants to be held all of the time. Both babies are no longer content with eating every three hours, but need to eat every two now. And of course, Emily is home with her broken arm. Add to that the long nights, and you have two very tired parents!

After lunch today and after a long tiring week, Emily went down for her nap. Scott and I both laid, exhausted, on the couch with a baby on our chest. We fell asleep with the babies for almost two hours. It was fabulous. The house was quiet and full of peace. It is amazing how a great nap can change the outlook on everything. Both Scott and I were so much in a better mood.

Thank goodness for summer naps. I think we will need another tomorrow!

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Allison Babb said...

Isn't that crazy! Kennedy woke up on her due date too. Now she is very aware on top of awake. She wants to be held and entertained all the time. I must say I am loving the smiles that are not followed by gas or poop but real smiles. She is 4 weeks today. I feel sorry for the people that go to their due date (or beyond) and don't get the quiet few weeks.