Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes sarcastic comments are so hard to hold back

Living in the south is very different than in California when it comes to strangers. Going to the grocery store and having so many people be so friendly and talkative took some getting used to. Now that we have twins, its a whole new ballgame. And don't get me wrong. I love to hear how cute my babies are. :) And I love it when parents of twins tell me about their twins. But many, many times I get comments that are down-right silly, or just plain rude. I think its time to share with you some of the gems that I have received from strangers, and also the sarcastic comments that come to my head that I so painstakingly avoid saying.

1. Asking their gender is always followed up with the question, "Are they identical?"
-To which I want to lovingly say, "Actually no. This one has a penis and this one doesn't."

2. "I'm glad its you and not me!!!"
-Quite frankly, so am I. I love having twins!"

3. "Do they get along?"
-Well, they do fight over the keys to the car on occasion.

4. "Oh! Are those twins?"
-yes, yes they are.

5. "What did you husband say when he found out you were expecting twins?"
-This one gets me. What in the world are they expecting with this question?

6. "How are you ever going to pay for college?"
- Geez. Thanks for the premature prescription for anxiety pills!

7. "Are you done?"
- Now friends and family asking this? That's fine. But a complete stranger in the cereal aisle at the local Kroger shouldn't ask this personal question!

8. After asking about how early they were born one lady even asked me, "Do they have any delays?"
-Well, they don't know how to tie their shoes yet, but we're working on it!!! (UGHHH!)

9. "Were you on fertility drugs?"
- See #7

10. "Oh! Twins! That is my worst nightmare!"
- Obviously you aren't very tough, and HOW RUDE!!!!

And finally, this is the worst. Nobody has ever asked me this, but I have two friends with twins who both have told me they've been asked this question:
"Which one is smarter?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Some people can be so rude, my guess is the are envy of you. You just enjoy those little ones, because you will turn around twice and they will be headed off to college.

Allison Babb said...

Some people! My newest one was a lady at the zoo with twin boys ( age 2ish?) said "I wanted a girl but I got this" (pointing to the twins. And then there was the old lady in greenwood that asked me Kennedy's name (picture this: pink dress and pink monogramed headband). I told her Kennedy. She proceded to tell me HE is so cute. he looks just like a little man. I Bet he looks just like HIS daddy. Ugggg!

Anonymous said...

Teaching gives plenty of opportunities for sarcastic remarks that must be held back. Like the home school kid returning to public school whose mother was so proud because she had perfect attendance. What are you suppose to say?? What, you got up every day?

Robin Cathcart said...

I was often asked if my boys were twins when they were babies - in a double stroller - dressed exactly alike. I always wanted to say - No, just one of them is mine, but I found this other one beside the road that looked just like him! If my boys were ever dressed differently, I was always asked - Is it a boy and a girl? I often wanted to ask which one they thought was the girl - but just like you are doing - I refrained.