Monday, June 22, 2009


Somehow it turned out that Tuesday was doctor appointment day. Last Tuesday Emily saw the orthopedist for her arm, and Scott had a visit with the neurologist. Tomorrow we have a busy morning as Emily has soccer camp (yes... she goes even with a broken arm) from 9-10:30 a.m. and then Em goes back to the orthopedist at 12:00 for another check. Hopefully they will take the old cast on, as its been on since June 4, and replace it with a smaller cast.

Then at 1:15 Elsie sees the urologist regarding her hernia. I'm anxious for this appointment because I have lots of questions ask we want to know when he will decide to schedule the little surgery. I refer to it as the little surgery because it makes me feel better! :)

So all five us will head out together. Somewhere in the middle of that I'm sure we will have lunch out, which is always an adventure with twin infants!

Hope your Tuesday is loads of fun too! Updates on the doctor appointments to come!

P.S. If our family has to see one more specialist in this town, I think I may cry!

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