Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night I gave baths to both Elsie and Eli. Neither of them care for baths, and both of them screamed their heads off as I individually bathed them. While I was bathing Elsie I noticed a bulge on the right side of her genital area that appeared each time she screamed.

I suspected a hernia, and went directly to the internet to hopefully disconfirm my suspicion. I learned that:

Inguinal hearnias are typically on the right side.... As is Elsie's bulge.
Inguinal hernias appear many times in premature babies... Elsie is.
Inguinal hernias are more likely to form in children whose parents also had an inguinal hernia... I had one.

*Deep sigh*

I am trying to tell myself that at least it is something totally common and fixable. Though the idea of her having surgery to repair it is not something I even want to imagine. Scott, who takes things one step at a time, is patiently waiting to hear what the doctor says when I call this morning.

When I was in the fifth grade my hernia was found and fixed with a minor surgery. No big deal. And my mom tells me that they are sure it had been there from birth, as many times they are very undetectable. This type of hernia literally causes no discomfort, but of course needs to be repaired. Please pray for Miss Elsie, the queen bee. She is sick of the doctor, I am sure. We thought once we got those great blood tests back that we were out of the woods for any medical issues. I am a little disheartened and extremely bummed.


Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Update: Elsie's hernia was confirmed this morning at the doctor's appointment. We see the urologist next Tuesday at 1 p.m.

It made us feel better that our pediatrician used this same urologist when his own son had the same type of hernia a few years ago. I'm sure it will all be just fine, but that said, one more item on our full plate of medical junk is not something we want right now.

Thanks for the prayers! :)

Jill said...

Wow Malisa, just one thing after the next! Praying for you guys!