Monday, June 01, 2009

All by myself...

I totally appreciated all the help I got from my grandma and grandpa while they were here. And of course I still don't think we would have made it without my mom coming for those first three weeks. But my grandparents left early Saturday morning, and with the weekend over, Scott is back to work today.

While I stayed at home by myself a couple times for a few hours, today is the first day that I will be home with all three kids by myself. I've been sort of looking forward to it to know how I do. Right now Emily is downstairs in the play room playing with Barbies and singing. The babies are swaddled and laying right up next to each other in a shared crib. And I am having a heavenly cup of coffee before taking advantage of the first quiet moment of the morning to take a shower!

If all goes well, I may gain enough confidence to venture out later this week to the super big library downtown. Emily would love that, and has been asking to go. We'll see! :) Wish me luck today!! (hee hee!


Cathy said...

Hi Malisa!
I've been having fun following your blog and I thought I'd finally say hi. I'm not sure if you remember me (Cathy Borton) or not but I used to live down the street on Wegis and play with Katie all the time :)
Congratulations on your beautiful kids! I found your blogsite from Katie's. Funny side note - I'm now a Johnson too :)
Hope your first day by yourself is going great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Malisa -
I remember that first day by myself! Good luck. If you do decide to venture out - it will take some plannning - but you will feel very proud of yourself afterwards! Have fun. I'm glad Scott will be home with you soon. Enjoy your summer!
Robin Cathcart

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Kathy- Yes I totally remember you and your family. Too funny about you also being a Johnson. Hope things are going great for you!

Robin- I totally have to get you the thank you card that has been sitting in my kitchen. We loved the meal so much my mom really would like the recipe for the casserole. What a blessing to not have to make dinner! :) And yes, I'm sure I'll be taking the kids out sometime. I just can't imagine doing it by myself now with both twins and Emily! Though I did see a stay-at-home dad of twin 3 y.o. boys out at Kroger. I was totally impressed!

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Ughh. Cathy, not Kathy. Sorry! Its late I guess and I'm not thinking clearly!