Monday, June 01, 2009

Because what we need is more chaos

Emily broke her arm this evening. I was getting ready to take the babies on a walk and Scott was helping me latch them in the jogging stroller. Emily was in the backyard playing with her ball. Apparently she tried to stand on it, and when she fell she caught herself with her arm and broke it.

You wouldn't know anything was wrong by looking at Emily's precious face. She cried a bit when it first happened, but that was it. No tears on the car ride to the emergency room. No tears when the nurse examined it, or when the x-ray tech took the pictures. She even explained that she couldn't have a Sponge Bob sticker because Sponge Bob is rude. (Nice)

So tomorrow Scott will have to take the day off to bring Emily to the orthopedist office. Obviously I proved myself unworthy of making this trip because just the sight of her arm made me puke and cry. Who knows what will happen if I have to watch the doctor set it.

Oh well. One more way that our life will be a little chaotic. Hopefully that is all God has in store for us, at least for the summer. And by the way... Emily can't wait to pick out the color for her cast. She wants fuschia... just like Fancy Nancy! :)


Justin said...

that girl, she's A D O R A B L E !!!

Meesh Hays said...

That picture is still making my skin crawl. Such a tough girl to be so Fancy! You are so tough, too. I'll come juggle babies when you spend six hours on the phone with insurance. Ugh.

Jenny said...

I can't believe that she is smiling with her arm like that. I hope that you have a calm rest of the summer.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Ha ha! Thanks Justin! :)

Yeah, her arm is pretty messed up in that picture. At least I can look at it without being nauseous now. I just hope she is just as tough at the setting with the doctor tomorrow as she was tonight.

Katie said...

Unbelievable. She's one tough cookie. Good luck!

Sam said...

Poor girl! Hanna was brave through the ER visit, but it did hurt a bit when they set it at the ortho the next day. She had a bright pink cast too - and wanted to keep it afterward (!).

At least at this age, they heal quickly!