Thursday, June 04, 2009

Post-surgery update

Emily went in this morning at ten for her noon surgery. The doctor was running a bit late because of another previous surgery, so she didn't go in until a little before one. However, the surgery went really well. She didn't need a pin or a rod or any cuts to be made.

The arm is now set, and Emily is sporting a wonderful fuscia cast, just like she wanted. The nurses told Scott she was the best patient that have ever had, as she has wonderful manners, and didn't cause any unnecessary drama. She was tough and polite! :)

Here's hoping that the next 4-6 weeks go by rather quickly for Emily. Living across the street from the neighborhood pool during a summer of heat and southern humidity just seems torturous to a four year old in a cast. Bummer!


Sam said...

Oh! I didn't even think about the pool...poor girl =(

Glad to hear everything went well!

Adam said...

I broke wrist the summer before 6th grade. It was the last day of school my 5th grade year and it was absolute torture having a cast on for the first 6 weeks of summer.

My condolences to Emily. Tell her I'm sorry. :-(