Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cloth Diapering with Twins

Earlier tonight I put the precious boy down for the night. (He was awake... and puts himself to sleep by himself in his crib. Yes. He is that easy!) When Scott and I walked in the room to put Elsie down about a half hour later (yes, she demands much more attention) the room smelled like skunk. I wondered aloud if it was just gas, since Eli seems to have horrible gas. Scott decided to lean down in the crib to give the boy's back side a big whiff. Not the smartest move.

So we proceeded to unswaddle the precious boy and took him in our bedroom as to not awaken The Queen Bee. Eli stayed so still while we unsnapped the onsie and when we took off the diaper we gasped. It was the grossest diaper I have ever changed! It was disgusting! How could such a sweet little baby boy produce such a foul stinchy mess?

After one clean diaper and more than a dozen wipes later, he was back swaddled in his crib. Now it was time to spray out the diaper. Thank goodness for the diaper sprayer attached to the toilet. This handy tool is a must! And I have to say it was gross still, but I realized that if I can handle this diaper, I can handle anything!

We WILL prove successful in the cloth diapering of twins!

Many people have ask us, "So how are the cloth diapers going?" I think they either think we are crazy for even trying with twins, or they expect that we will say we've given up, and gone to disposables.

But after five weeks we estimate that we would have spent over $200 on disposables. And its only been five weeks! Pair that with the number of diapers we've kept out of the landfill, and that's motivation to continue!

We have quite the system down to spray out the soiled diapers, and I wash diapers every night and hang them to air dry on the drying rack.

It really isn't that hard! We even have some disposables left over from when they were first home that we didn't use and now they have grown out of them.

So to anybody considering cloth diapers, try it! It is an investment, as each pack of twelve costs over $200, but they never grow out of them, and they pay for themselves in just five weeks!

AND... the urologist mentioned to me last week that the cloth diapers were the best way to prevent many unnecessary problems from diaper rash, to urinary tract infections.

All wonderful reasons to try! :)


Meesh Hays said...

If I had it to do over again, I'd be all over using your system! We thought we were progressive enough because we didn't have a Genie... But your adorable and functional diapies are great, not despite your having twins, but because! Twice as awesome!

Allison Babb said...

Thank God for the diaper shower at school. I know the ladies hated buying boring gifts but it has saved us so much. I had to buy three packs of newborn because Kennedy just couldn't wear size 1. Officially last night we moved her up to size 1....I have tons of 1s, 2s, and 3s so hopefully ill be good to go now for a while. I do laundry like every day. I can't image the laundry you do with three kids! How much do yours weigh now? Kennedy is 8.5 now. Her second cousin was born last night. 8 lbs 11 oz. Bigger than her already! Hope y'all are doing well. My diva and your queen bee seem to be two peas in a pod!

The Mrs. said...

Amen Sister! We have been using the Chinese prefolds and she is steadily growing out of them. We are on the last bits of corners to close.

With all the money you saved you can buy a washer and dryer that has sanitary setting, let me tell you....it is AWESOME!!! We only use the sprayer on epic poohs, as we call them.

Anyways I'm glad the system is working we for you. It really is a good thing for everyone!!!

The Mrs/Mom said...

I'm a dumbass and deleted my old blog, here's my new one.


This is not spam!

Monticore said...

My Brother has twins and they do the cloth diaper thing too. They recently got some really cool diapers called genies. I guess you can insert a flushable liner if you are going somewhere and don't want to keep a smelly diaper with you. So I say way to go!