Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Two Months Old

We had our two month old wellness check today. Both babies are growing fine, though they are both very small in weight and length as compared to the charts. But this is to be expected of babies born early like they were. :)

Many people tell me that the twins look alike. I don't think they look much alike at all. When I see Elsie I am reminded of Emily when she was little. When I see Elias, I see Scott. Do you think they look alike in these pictures? Here are some of the ways they personalities are different:

-Nickname: The Queen Bee
-Likes to be held and talked to
-She has happy grunts when her belly is full, sad grunts when she is upset, and mad grunts when she really wants my attention
-She can sense when I am in the room, and when she hears my voice she sometimes will wake from sleep and immediately cry until I pick her up.
- Her very best sleeping is when she is laying on either Scott or my chest and we are laying in the recliner.
- Is learning to enjoy bath time
- Really likes having her hair (head) brushed with the soft-bristle baby brush
- Sleeps with her hands tucked and wrapped in the blanket as to not wake herself

-Nickname: Mr. Chill
- Often times looks around while Elsie is crying as if to say, "what's wrong this time?" (see picture for instance)
- Loves to eat. Sometimes eats every other hour
- Absolutely hates bath time
- Has learned to grab my hair, and pulls. Hard.
- Doesn't cry too much, but when he does it is more like a loud shrieking, and is definitely not pleasant.
- Enjoys walks in the double jogging stroller
- Has persistent gas that resembles broccoli. (I think he will be proud of the stinkers when he gets a little older)
-Sleeps with his hands out, and often times above his head.

Basically you could say that in many ways Eli possesses Scott's cool charm and mellow demeanor while Elsie is high strung like her mommy! And that is okay with me, because I think Scott and I make a good team, and I'm sure these two babies will balance themselves out in just the same way!

I hope we remember to enjoy these times because they will pass so quickly! I already had to put away the premie clothes today! So sad! But I can't wait to see all the things they will learn, what Emily will teach them, and the additional variances in their personalities. We just love loving them!


Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

I forgot to say that I promise to take some pictures of the babies when they are NOT in the cribs! We just got a new rechargeable battery yesterday, and so my camera is back in business! I just need to keep it out now so I can snap some pictures in new locations!

Allison Babb said...

They are too cute. I really wanna get the babies together. Your Elsie remarks are SO Kennedy. She is out growing newborn clothes and diapers now. So sad... Happy 2 month birthday. Kennedy will be 7 weeks tomorrow!

Allison Babb said...

and they don't look alike to me! And Kennedy has the same monkey PJs... she is outgrowing them:(