Thursday, July 02, 2009

I deserve shaved legs

This morning Scott and Emily went to his school. I got both babies happy, and half-way to sleep in the bouncy seats. I decided it was time to take a shower.

Reveling in the quiet house, I stepped in the shower. Within three minutes both babies were crying, the FedEx man was ringing the door bell, and then the phone rang. Twice. All I could think was, "Maybe if I hurry I can shave my other leg!"

Thus, an insight into life with twins.

But despite those things today was a great day. I think this was mostly because I finally felt I had a leg up on the housework and chores. I'm learning that organization and end of night chores make the biggest difference in our home. Yesterday I was so thankful that Meesh came over to hold babies. I cleaned bathrooms, and all in all I did nine loads of laundry. Today I did three more loads. Having the laundry caught up is huge!

Last night after all children were in bed Scott and I walked around the house and picked up every room. I'm thankful that he understands my inability to relax in a living room full of the day's clutter remnants. After the dishes were put away, mail sorted, diapers hung out to dry, and toys put away we finally sat down together. It is as if that late-night pick up time is an investment for the day to come.

My next quest is to create some sort of calendar on the computer that I can use to organize our family's events and the weekly dinner menu. If I can just find time to create the calendar each week, I may be just one step closer to organizing this crazy family. Or as Emily has dubbed us, "The blue-eyed family." Maybe I can even include a specific day and time on the calendar set aside for leg shaving!?! :)


Kerri Roberts said...

Well, i don't have near the busyness of your household, but I did create a weekly menu planner and it has helped tremendously! I even plan for all three meals. I just did a simple one using a table chart. Let me know if you find how to create a fancy one!
Good Luck

Sam said...

If I were at home, I could send you a whole bunch of links to calendars, but I don't have all of my links here at my parent's house.
Definitely plan for all 3 meals, even if you don't get specific by day. Having lunch planned, or even just planning left overs, makes it so much easier!