Thursday, December 22, 2005

We're in California

It's been a little hard to post since Emily, Malisa, and I are in CA but in case you weren't sure we are here. We're staying most of the time in Bakersfield but we will be in Fresno Wednesday, Dec. 28. I know we would like to get together with as many people for dinner before heading out to Well-Wednesday. Make sure you email us if you're interested: Hopefully we will see you all soon.

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edluv said...

we will see you at the bbq, and i will see you at well weds.

it'll be momentous. not only to have you two and justin @ wells, but it's also our waiter, mike, last time on weds. apparently, he doesn't want to be a waiter all his life and is starting police academy.

i wonder if he'll be the guy that makes all the noise. beep boop boop rarrrrrrr.