Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My new mission

One of my best friends is getting married! Scott and I are totally excited for them as their Sept. 18 date quickly approaches. Emily will be the flower girl (how excited is she?!) and I am a bridesmaid.

Very exciting, however this event has spurred what I like to call the, "Get skinny before Amber's wedding" mission.

So far so good, as I've been walking/jogging three miles out of the neighborhood and back around. A few ladies from my neighborhood are joining me, and we leave at 7:40 every other day or so.

Now as a swimmer, I've always held to the belief that "swimmers don't run." And often times when my knees are aching this phrase come back to me. But the one thing that makes it so much better is where we go walking/running.

If you have never been to South Carolina before, you're really missing out on what I think is a really beautiful place. EVERYTHING is green, and the woods are filled with not only different types of oak and pine, but also magnolia, birch, and cedar. Between those trees there is such a variety of vines and foliage. So much so that you couldn't just "stroll through the woods" because you'd be accosted by all sorts of greenery that would block your path. And along the roadside where I run there is honeysuckle in bloom everywhere. It smells so wonderful. And between the honeysuckle are tons and tons of wild blackberry bushes with the beginnings of green berries that will be ready to eat in a few weeks.

The road we go down has very little traffic, only a few houses, and woods on either side. The trees meet in the middle, and it is simply gorgeous. At the end of this road is a small alfalfa field that has just been harvested, so there are huge round bales of hay every so often in the field. Beside this field is an old barn, and a horse stable with a half dozen horses.

Simply gorgeous.

So while I probably will never enjoy the "running" part of my mission, I'm so thankful for the beauty that I get to see each time I go. Maybe one day I will think to drive down this road with my camera to show you just what I am trying to describe.


Julie said...

I downloaded the "couch to 5K" app for my ipod touch that mixes walking and running and gets you going for at least half an hour. So far it's pretty fun.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

I've been to that website, but didn't know they had an app! Guess I'll have to borrow Scott's touch! Thanks for the info!

edluv said...

yeah, i'm on the "stop being such a fat boy before corin's wedding" on sept 13.

Jenny said...

Hey Malisa, can you post some pictures of your kitchen make over?

joven said...

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