Saturday, October 15, 2005


With the wife gone, I have taken the initiative to get some the outside work finished. I trimmed a lot of bushes (see Steve, Blogs can get the ladies), mowed the lawn, and use the new weed eater. But I experienced two things which are new to me. First, I climb a ladder three stories so I can replace the dryer screen so the squirrels and birds don’t make a house in the our dryer duct. I realized I don’t like ladders especially at that hight. And obviously the item I purchased didn’t exactly fit so I had to get back down, cut a few things off, and climb back up. Next, as I was moving a bag of dog food when I discovered a large pile of mouse droppings. When I looked behind a refrigerator (this is in the garage), the mouse scurried away. Now I’ve never experienced “mouse-dom” so I was new to me. I found several hole s/he made so I drove down to Home Depot to buy mouse poison. But I’ve been told to buy glue strips so that’s what I’ll probably do. Tomorrow I will have to spend some time patching holes because on top of the mouse in our garage, we have frogs and we had a snake.

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Justin said...

Wow, you country folk get it all. Of course I imagine that any state that starts with South means country. By the way, can you post some pictures of the new house?