Sunday, October 30, 2005

JFJ (Just for Justin)

I will accept your challenge and talk about nothing as well. I'm taking a break in between homework. I finished reading an exciting chapter about interviewing those who I research, then I wrote a poetic analysis, and I am drafting questions for an interview I have to do for my Qualitative Research class. I'm trying to finish these little things so I can work on my 10 page paper due Thursday. It's not a hard write - just time consuming. What chaps my hide is the two books that need to be finished by this weekend. The two books total about 600 pages. Why do instructors do that? What these instructors do is make you put together what's called reading logs. As you come across a quote, type it out with page number, make a comment about it and tie it to other researchers. I like the reading. The reading can often be sort of enjoyable when it's a writer who can write well. But that many books in one week hurt a bit. Looks like I'll have to do major skimming.

This week I'll be collecting data for my first piece of research. I'm studying how teachers use language to build or maintain classroom community. It deals somewhat with my dissertation since I have to start thinking about that. Once I collect my data I'm actually going to try to get it published. Not in some big refereed journal but some little state magazine. You have to start somewhere.


edluv said...

poetry research.
but do you ever right poetry?

did you know about these assigned books in earlier in the semester? i know i tend to get caught needing to read a ton at a time, but usually it's my bad.

Justin said...

Are you telling me that it doesn't get easier when you hit the Phd level. Is my dream of having time to focus on one area just that, a dream. Of course I have enough trouble accomplishing the fairly small reading list I set myself...

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

It's not researching poetry but writing research as a poem. The view is, by taking a piece of reseach and creating a kind of "poetic analysis" of the research, you may be able to see patterns in the data you may not have earlier.

As for the reading, I knew about it from the start but I have had lots of reading from the start; it hasn't let up. I actually try to be really good and begin ahead of time. I've learned a lot from my undergrad days.