Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Johnsons in South Carolina

This is for you Justin -
Here are some pictures of the house that were taken back in April(?) when we first visited South Carolina.


Justin said...

Thanks for the pictures. Judging by the other blog comments, it looks like the blog spammers are interested as well. There is a setting that makes people type in a word displayed on the comment page. It is supposed to limit the number of spam comments.

Cute house

The Jay said...

Yeah, the pictures look nice. That's a lot of house! And I second Ed's porch envy.

I'm also green with jealousy about your lawn. I slaughtered my grass this year (the dog helped). Or maybe it's something to do with moisture.

Oh yeah, to keep up with the theme of comments,
visit my website and I'll make you a hundred-thousandaire while you turn cartwheels on blankets of sponge cake!
put the word verification on your blog. It's painless.



edluv said...

screw word verification. i had it for a few days. i hated it. i hate it on all my friends' blogs. most of us internet nerds are on way to much. i usually catch the blogspam within a few minutes, if not hours. then press delete. not difficult.

sure, it stops the spam for now, but you can handle the deleting pressure scott. i have faith in you!

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I shall go forth and delete