Thursday, October 13, 2005


Malisa and Emily are gone till Sunday. They are in Bakersfield. Malisa's grandfather passed away so she traveled back West to be with her family. That leaves me all by myself. Normally I would relish these moments of being on my own. Back in Fresno I was surrounded by tons of distractions like friends, work, and other crap. Well, beside housework and yardwork, all there is to do is homework. My homework isn't necessarily the most entertaining stuff. The highlight of the day is drinking Coke with Lime and eating Rocky Road ice cream.

I did have several visitors today. First, there was the may from the auto glass company who came to repair some cracks in the front window of the truck and Honda. In one week, we both got hit by wood falling off the back of a big rig. Anyway, when he went to repair my window, CRACK! A nine inch crack down the front - his second break like this in 15 years. When looking at the Honda, the crack is deeper than he thought and since its above the defroster, the Honda gets a new front window. So my new friend the auto glass man is coming to visit me twice - to fix the truck than on Monday to fix the Honda. Thankfully there is no deductible on glass through State Farm (at least in SC).

The bug man also came to visit. We chatted as he sprayed the 10 or so fire ant hills that seemed to pop up in the last week. Those little buggers hurt like hell and they make me blister.

Tomorrow I wonder who else will visit. Will you? I will be looking out my window!?!

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edluv said...

don't lie scott. when you had free time you didn't hang out with anyone but the computer.