Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why The Hell Would Anyone . . .

Why the hell would anyone want to invest their lives in statistics! I know statistics is plays an important part in quantifying everthing from sneezed per minute to farts in a life time. Those are important things to know. But deat God, I HATE statistics. I’ve been trying to be positive about the course. Even bought “Statistics for Dummies” which does a better job of explaining statistics.

My teacher Dr. Hyunh Hyunh (pronounced Win Win) is extremely intelligent but doesn’t teach us. He gets in front of the class and goes through the text. I feel like it’s a self-taught course.

I’ve been doing fine with my homework but I swear this week’s homework had very little to do with last week’s class. It’s not computing the problems that makes me ill - it’s a the other things he wants on the homework. Make sure you circle your answers, attach SPSS sheets with appropriate circles, name on each page, answers only on the answer sheet which as to be your first page, etc. Mess up on one of those things and you get points taken off though you might have a right answer. I spent at least an hour just making sure I had all the proper makings. It’s this kind of teaching which I’m totally against. I want someone to teach me statistics, NOT make me memorize computations.

All of a sudden he wanted residuals, squared correlations, and y-hats. Where did this come from? I think I figured it all out but it has made me tired. Must sleep to replenish brain cells . . .

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