Monday, May 29, 2006

Baby no-nap

Today I had planned to get all of the laundry going, most of our things packed, and also the house straightened up. Well, to do this I was COUNTING on Emily taking her normal 1 hr. morning nap, and then her 1.5 hr. afternoon nap. "Hah!" is just about what she said to me. She slept for a whopping forty minutes this morning, and has yet to fall asleep this afternoon.

Normally we read a story, lay her in bed, and she falls asleep in 2-3 minutes. I have been listening to her fuss for the past twenty minutes. I really feel like I am going to pull my hair out. And then there is Scott, who wants to go get her out of bed because "she just isn't tired." Yeah right. If I go get her up without napping, she is going to be MONSTER baby this evening, and trying to keep her up until bedtime is going to be disastrous.

Oh well. As we speak he is in getting her out of the crib. I can't really blame him. After two rounds of trying to put her to sleep this afternoon, it seems as though her screaming will never end. Oh well for the packing. Hopefully we can do it all tomorrow... that is IF she takes a nap.

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