Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Seven more hours...

... until the taxi comes to pick us all up. 3:45 am in the morning. It should be interesting. What is kind of funny and sad all at the same time is that this will be Emily's fifth time going back and forth from the east to west and west to east. I have to say though, this time I am more nervous than ever. Tonight we went to dinner, and she wasn't "bad" at all, but she was surely loud, and excited to see so many people. She talked, and yelled in a very happy tone, however, Scott and I couldn't help but think that if this was a precursor for tomorrow's flight, we may need to invest in Xanex. But maybe she was just getting it all out of her system. Yeah right.

But I have to say I don't really blame her. She is only fourteen months old, and to her everything is an exploration. The idea of being restrained in a high chair, shopping cart, or car seat just really aggravates her as it deprives her from "exploring" everything from the stray dog to the chewed piece of bubble gum on the side walk. Maybe she will find the back of the air plane seat in front of her thrilling, and it will make her want to stay seating in our arms the entire way. Or maybe she will "strong arm" us every time she wants to get down and walk on her new walking legs as she waves and "talks" to all the other passengers who are tying to sleep.

Either way, she is not the first baby who has flown at this age, and I guess what we need to really be hoping for is patience. We could use some prayer for patience please.

Tomorrow at this time, we will all be in California visiting family and friends. Woo hoo!

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