Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The day ended well

Today started out kind of bad. Apparently there is something called adult on-set seafood allergies. Well, after eating grilled Tillapea last night for dinner, I found out all of the sudden I was allergic. I spent most of last night in the bathtub trying to relax my tense muscles and make the fever go away. So, this morning I am sure I wasn't the most pleasant person to be around.

However, I did have quite the highlight of my day when I sold the extra fridge in our garage. Why do we have a fridge in our garage? Well our realtor wrote it into the deal when we bought the house that they leave the fridge. Of course we brought ours, so we moved this one into the garage, thinking maybe I would use the freezer to store extra meats, and whatever. Scott always said this was a bad idea. He was right. After one month we unplugged it because it was empty, and just wasting electricity. And I have spent the past year trying not to hit it with my car when I pull it into the garage.

That said, I did sell it for $75. Then I went on-line to check out hotels for a possible stay in Charleston this weekend. Behold, I found a great deal with our Entertainment book (thanks to Scott's step-mom for that Christmas gift) for exactly $74.95. I was thrilled. Scott let me book the room, and now we are going for an over-night stay to the beach. We love Charleston. Maybe we can get Emily to sleep in her stroller one night and take one of those midnight tours of the church graveyards. Sounds fun!

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