Saturday, July 15, 2006

Great Trip

Scott had yesterday off, so we went to Charleston for an overnighter. Yes, the hotel I booked once again confirms that I am cheap, and choose bad hotels. But other than that, we had a good time.

We decided not to go on the ghost tour (too late with Em) but we did go on a 2 hr. Revolutionary War walk around Charleston's Historic District. Awesome! Scott, Emily and I were the only ones signed up, so we had the very knowledgeable guide to ourselves. I learned a lot, and he even gave me his business card so that this year when I teach the Revolutionary war to my fourth graders, they can email him with questions. Fabulous! I think that Scott's love for history is really rubbing off on me. Poor Emily doesn't have a chance.

After some great food and a rest at the hotel, we were back down to Market street to go through the street vendors and wander the streets checking out old churches and graveyards. Another great dinner, some much to rich chocolate, and we went to bed.

This morning we went back to the market, had some coffee, and then went to visit Folly Beach on Folly Island. This is a place I really wanted to check out to see about a possible vacation rental with friends or family next summer. Great place. The houses sit right on the water's edge and are all built on what seem to be stilts, so the house sits a good thirty or more feet above ground, leaving the underneath to be an open garage for cars to park under. Different.

Add a visit to a plantation, and train around some swamp areas to see some alligators, and we had a marvelous trip. Seriously, people need to come visit us soon. I am finding there is a lot of cool stuff to see.

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