Sunday, July 02, 2006

This put a smile on my face

It amazes me how much Emily watches what we do. For instance, while we were at the Portela's a few weeks ago, Emily walked right over to Audrey's play kitchen, pulled out a pan put it on the stove, and then stirred with a spatula. Now that was not something that I had to teach her. She catches on to so much more than we give her credit.

Such an instance tonight. Emily and I always go into her room after bath time and we sit in her rocking chair cuddled under a blanket, and we read a story or two before bed. Well, tonight I guess things were a bit out of sorts since her bath came right after dinner (we gave her a popsicle... BIG MESS!!) so there was some play time after her bath that she normally doesn't have.

Emily decided she is going to rock in her chair with a book by herself. It was quite the system she had down!

She got many of her books and her blanket and put them in her chair.

Then she would climb in... still quite the task.

Then she would read each one, and drop it off the side of the chair each time saying "uh oh."

When all the books were on the floor, she would get down, and start the entire thing over again. This went on for about twenty minutes. The entire time I was snapping pictures from the hallway and giggling.

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