Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Quick Update

I thought I better do a quick update so that people won't forget about us. I know it's been almost a month since our last post but a lot has been going on in the Johnson household. I brief everyone on what's going on with me and that might force Malisa to begin updating our blog again since she was the one who was really good about posting.

This has been the semester from hell!!! It's not that the classes have been difficult but I have been inundated with a lot of work and little time to do it. I used to have several days a week where I could stay home and focus on nothing but work. Not any more. Here's the lowdown:

1) I supervise 13 student interns. at two different school each about 30 mintues away. This means I'm away from home at lease twice a week for about 3 hours. Doesn't seem like much but that's a big chunk out of a day. That also doesn't entail the paperwork that needs to be filled out on each intern which adds another 5 hours a week.

2) For two of my classes, I read an average of 400 pages a week. After I read, I either post messages to Blackboard or type of notes on all my reading. And of course, both of these courses have all their assingments due at the same time! Damn conspiracy agains me!!!

3) My research internship is going well but means I'm gone from home often either during the day or in the evening. The families I'm interviewing live about an hour away which means a two hour round trip sometimes 2-3 times a week. My interviews last between 20-30 minutes and conversations have to be transcribed for analysis, A 15 minuted conversation can take 6 hours to transcription.

4) And on top of the two projects that are due in two weeks, I also have my qualifying exams which are due. I'm not officially a doctoral student yet in case all are wondering. I'm just a doctoral candidate.

So all I do is pee, crap, read, type, and drive. I don't do a whole lot of anything else so I'm sorry for not posting more often. When I take a quick break, I read everyone's blogs so I try to keep up with how everyone is doing. Malisa, Emily, and I will be in Bakersfield/Fresno at Christmas for a week (have to finish that exam) so hopefully we'll see everyone.

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