Monday, October 23, 2006

What are you watching this fall?

Each season there is always a big hit show that I didn't watch, and by the time everybody says it is good, I am too behind to start watching it. I guess I am too lazy to reinstate our Netflix account and order the past seasons. (Though the series that tempts me the most to do this with is Grey's Anatomy.)

Anyhoo, at the beginning of fall when all these new programs came out I felt I had to pick one to invest in, and I picked Heroes. Kinda freaky at first, but once I got over the Vegas stripper girl's slaughter scene, I really liked it. My favorite is the asian character who can teleport himself.

Anybody else watching this show? What are you watching?

**By the way, i used to be a mediocre Desperate Housewives fan, however last night's episode where Gabriel tricked Carlos into thinking he had a chance, but then slept with a random guy from a nightclub REALLY made me hate the show. I didn't even like the Carlos character so much, but that was just so evil and mean. Ughh. I think I'm done investing time into that show.

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