Sunday, January 07, 2007

Baby toe jam

Baby toe jam was something Scott discovered when Emily was very little. The idea that babies actually have toe jam was something that he found funny, and we always laughed at the lint between her tiny toes. Kinda gross we realize. But now that she is older, she takes off her socks and laughs as we say "ew... baby toe jam! Yuck!" Silly I guess, but she thinks it is funny.

Tonight the fascination with toe jam hit an all new level. Emily watched Scott pull of his socks before he got her bath ready (she likes to splash water everywhere) and she pulled apart his toes just as we have to her. She was amazed at all the lint to be found. ** seriously, Scott can pick up some lint!**

It amazes me all the little trivial things that Emily has fun with, and that we to have fun with because of her. Who knew toe jam could be such a form of entertainment?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't think toe jam could bring so much life to a family....but whatever works. Maybe you should go public with it. All troubled families need is a little toe jam.