Sunday, March 04, 2007

Anybody else ever had strep throat?

Emily came home from church last Sunday saying she was tired and was ready for night night. We knew something was up, and sure enough she had a 103 fever.

I stayed home with her Monday, went to the doc, and yes she was positive for strep. She has never had that before, and neither had I. But just one more day home with some good antibiotics, and she was ready to go back to childcare on Wednesday, and I got to go back to work.

And then Wednesday night, in the stretch of one hour, I went from feeling fine, to feeling like I was dying. Of course Wednesday is the one evening class Scott takes this semester. Poor Emily. I got "sick" in the kitchen (TMI--sorry) and it was the first time I think I have ever witnessed Emily actually show fear of anything. She freaked.

Well, Thursday I got some antibiotics, was out Friday too, and still on Sunday I feel like I am nowhere near recovery. The poor kids in my classroom must think I have abandoned them. And it's not like I am going to be working at 100% when I see them tomorrow.

Anybody had strep before, or have any advice? I am on erythromycin (allergic to penicillin) and I think I should call the doc tomorrow to tell her nothing is getting better. And if you have your tonsils taken out, are you immune to strep? Thank goodness Scott seems to be skirting by this one. But his tonsils are out.

I can honestly say that with the exception of being on bed rest when I was pregnant with Emily, this is the most miserable I have ever been with a sickness. Blah!

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