Monday, March 26, 2007


Here are a few reasons why I know spring is here:

First off, it was 88 on Sunday. Quite warm and humid. Not too bad though. I love that in SC we have an actual spring and fall. That is probably my favorite thing about living here. I love to have all the windows and screen doors open so that breezes come in.

Then there is the pink blossom tree beside our house. It butts up to our bedroom window on the second floor, and I love the blossoms. They aren't those almond tree-like blossoms that make you sneeze though, so that is good. It's a beautiful tree, and they grow wild in the woods around our house as well.

And of course the yellow pollen. I have never in my life seen pollen that is actually a visible coating on vehicles. I washed the car Saturday, and the water that went down the driveway was literally yellow, and it stained the driveway yellow, just like yellow side walk chalk.

Finally... the deer. I went to the gym this morning (which in itself is a reason why I know it is spring... bathing suit time is getting close and I hit the gym) and I passed a "herd" of deer. Yes, I have learned they herd. I counted eight of them, though there were probably more. They came across the street right in front of me just around the corner from our house. It was great.

Now the bad thing about spring... the rabbits are in my garden eating my broccoli plants. Any suggestions about that one?

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