Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Johnson's July

Seriously, where did this month go? A couple of July highlights:

** Jenny, Debbie, and Ryan visit at the beginning of the month

** Emily decided she wore big girl panties... a few accidents, but over all going strong

** vegetable garden completely ruined by lack of water (half me not watering, half drought) and squash bugs. Ughh

** seminar all week this week, and lots of upcoming planning for school

** Emily's big girl bed (finally) arrived this afternoon. Complete pictures with her new pottery barn bedding and drapes to follow. It couldn't be more cute, and she couldn't be more big. Wasn't she just born a couple weeks ago? Oh she's so big!

** Finally, an Emily quote. Daddy's painting her bedroom a lovely color of lavender. Emily walks in and says very articulately,
" Daddy, thank you for painting my room... it's a lovely color... I like yellow."

I could seriously squeeze her until she pops! I continue to be totally taken by her.

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