Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday evening T.V.

Lately I've been paying attention to the commercials that are during shows we watch. This evening Scott decided to show us this new t.v. show on the network G-4. The show is called Ninja Warrior. Think of it as a mix between American Gladiator and the Most Extreme Challenge. Emily loves to scream at the athletes "DON'T FALL IN THE WATER!!!"

The commercials during the show are hilarious. First of all there were the variety of video games rated "M for Mature," and then there was the male enhancement pills and finally the commercial for cheap student loans. Finally, totally not fitting, was a commercial with Lindsay Wagner for a sleep number bed.

HUH? I don't get it. Who is the target audience here? I guess this network wouldn't expect me to be tuning in either.

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