Monday, October 01, 2007

The one and only Emily

A good friend of mine got these shoes for Emily when she was shopping for her own daughter. They were on the front step when Emily got home, and wow was she excited!

Now that a couple weeks have gone by, I thought that maybe the princess shoe fixation has worn off. But alas, this evening we found a new love for the shoes. Emily insisted on wearing them outside. She provided me with a lengthy explanation about how these fabulous shoes actually make her princess, and that she must wear them.

So out she goes. And what does she do? She found a snail, and two lizards. “Mommy, look! The lizard is just a baby, and he isn’t green!”

What I just love about her personality is she loves so many things. She isn’t just a tomboy, and she isn’t just a princess. She isn’t a drama queen, though she can throw a good fit. She will eat sushi, yet doesn’t care for ranch so much. She is so unpredictable, but yet so Emily. She’s not like anybody else, and that is probably my favorite thing about her.

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