Saturday, November 24, 2007


Often times in my class I like to bring in a text set with differing views of a certain issue. I keep my nose out of it, but listen as children share their thoughts. This summer I read two books (both realistic fiction) about illegal immigration. One was a story of a young boy trying multiple times to get to The North to find work and help feed his family, and another about a Cuban boy making the little league world series with his team from the bronx, only to find out that he wasn't allowed to play because he was not a legal, and when this came out he risked deportation for him and his family of five.

Today, I found this news article.
Again, a great story to give an altering view to some considering the issue. And also sheds some light on the humanitarian efforts of even those "illegal." Here's the thing. I haven't been able to find appropriate texts with a differing view point. I know I should be able to find something, either a news article, or press brief about new laws. But all seem to be a little confusing to young people. I surely won't bring in the above things until I have something to counter. And I'm looking. Any ideas?