Friday, November 02, 2007

This guy

This is one of those times when I just want to brag on my husband and tell everybody about something I know he is too humble to mention.

Well, let me explain that Scott has a cohort of about 30 undergrads that are studying to be teachers. They are in their internships, and they are also taking his class this semester. He taught them in another class last spring semester, and he will also have them again for their final course next semester. One of them was in my room last spring doing her student teaching, and through her I know that these kids love having Scott as their professor. They were all so pleased to know he would be continuing with them in the additional semesters, and have really gotten to know him.

The mortor board society in the honors college has awards they give out each year for excellence in teaching at the university level. Scott was nominated by his students to receive this award. So, last night we got all dressed up and went to this really awesome building on campus (built in like 1801) and went to the awards reception. Each member of the mortor board stood and made remarks about the professor that was nominated. The student who nominated Scott made wonderful remarks about his passion for teaching, his integrity as a professor, and other things. She also said that it was not just her, but a cohort of thirty students who unanimously agreed that Scott was deserving of the award.

Anyhow, after the reception we went just the two of us to an awesome restaurant downtown and got to have an actual dinner conversation. It was fabulous. So yeah, just had to let you know he's doing such a great job! :)

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