Saturday, January 26, 2008

Democratic Primary

This being our first South Carolina presidential primary, I have noticed some differences. First of all, the Republican primary was last Saturday, while the Democratic one was today. THe voter decides which to participate in, but can only vote for one.

Now in California for the 2004 primary I recall that I didn't get to vote, because I am registered Independent. Don't you only get to vote in the primary there if you are registered with either party? Am I misinformed?

I am curious when I look at the numbers of total democrat voters compared to last week's republican numbers. It could be that the total number today was so much more because the weather today was beautiful... cold, but blue skies. Last Saturday it was freezing cold outside, and the weather man threatened snow, sleet, and rain. Or could it be that there are so many independent voters in SC that cast out for Democrat today? Hmmmm. Though Obama did a lot of campaigning here in recent weeks. Clinton too, but did you see the SC debates? I really didn't like her. I didn't really like her before, but I really really didn't like her after that.

Anyhow, Obama won... by a lot. The latest numbers are
Obama: 55%
Clinton: 27%
Edwards: 18%

It will be interesting to see what happens Feb. 5.

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