Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Before we flew out to California, Emily had a sinus infection that landed us in the Dr.s office. An antibiotic and we were good. However, our wonderful pediatrician noticed that her tonsils were unusually large, and that they hadn't been noted as such last visit. He asked if she snored. "Yes, like an old man" was my reply. He asked if she still fell asleep in the car. "Yes, sometimes when the car is stopped at preschool, Ms Shari, who watches her, has to unbuckle her and stand her up just to make sure she doesn't fall asleep before the older kids get into the car."

They probably need to come out. And she probably has sleep apnea. Let's refer you to the ENT.

At that time he said Emily's tonsils look like they are blocking 80% of her breathing way. Now, more than a month later, they are even bigger as far as I can tell. She snores loudly, has trouble swallowing food, and tosses in her sleep. See the illustration? Emily's tonsils touch that little hangy thingy in the back of the throat, and they are larger than a marble each.It really must be uncomfortable for her, yet not much slows her down. What could be really painful for one child is just minor discomfort for Emily. She doesn't complain, so I don't know how extensive they bug her. I see her having trouble swallowing pieces of food, and I really hear her snoring, and it worries us. So much in fact that Scott has spent multiple nights in her bed with her, scared the sleep apnea will keep her from breathing.

The initial appt. wasn't until 1/31, but Scott called the ENT and explained that just wasn't going to do. He takes her tomorrow. What we really want to happen is for him to tell us they are really big, and they need to come out soon, like as in Friday or something VERY soon. I am nervous that I don't get to go to the initial appt. but figured I should save the days for when she is home recovering.

Which brings me to my next concern. I have been reading about tonsillectomy, and I found in a couple places where they keep children under 3 over night for observation in most cases. Does that mean they let the mom stay over night too? They must, right? I have many fears. But I am thankful for our pediatrician and that Emily is so tough!

I will post an update after tomorrow's ENT appt.

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