Monday, June 16, 2008

Jay and Becky

We leave tomorrow! I can't wait!! So I am the type that actually loves planning to pack. I love making sure to bring extra "new" and exciting toys on the plane for Emily. I love packing her matching hair bows with her dresses. I love making sure I have everything so that we are super prepared. Totally fun. (Now I don't enjoy the laundry part that has to be done prior to packing... but that is why God gave me Scott!)

But you know what has been even more fun about getting ready for this trip? When people ask me why we are going. I get this big goofy grin on my face and my shoulders raise in excitement as I tell them, "Two of our best friends are getting married, 'MY' Becky is marrying Jay, and we just can't wait because it has been a long time coming!" And if there is time and I didn't totally weird them out to begin with, I tell them all about the "Jay and Becky History." I talk about Jay being a little tipsy that first night I met Becky, and how he told me that he always thought she was really pretty, (insert a tipsy "Jay" accent on "really") and I tell the story about "Bad to the Bone... FOREVER" and the story about how Jay ruined all potential with the two guys that tried to hit on Becky and I (because that seriously NEVER happened) and about how they were roommates for awhile, totally platonic, because they just hadn't figured it out yet. (At that point I always like to point out that I had it figured out by then for them!) And I tell them about Becky moving to Colorado just to see if this could work.

And just in the process of telling this wonderful history (that could fill a history text book maybe?) I get all excited again. What fun our friends and I are all going to have as we get to share in their big day with them. The entire day will be fabulous... no, the entire week! Okay, I feel compelled to be actively packing or something!

P.S. The dresses becky picked are gorgeous too... which really helps a bridesmaid be totally excited!

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