Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boy am I thankful for this guy!

Last night we both had staff Christmas parties. We only made it to one, but I felt like I could barely make it up the stairs when we got home. The last day of school before break always wears me out! This year proved no different.

Well, the plan was to come home and get some laundry on and begin packing. There was no way I could do that, so I headed straight for bed, thinking about how early I would have to get up in the morning to get it all done.

When I woke this morning, not only was nearly every load finished, but Scott had cleaned the kitchen, unloaded all the gifts and other things from my car, charged the DVD player, got out the suitcases and began packing. The fridge was cleaned out, the dishes all clean, and all I had to do was finish the bit of laundry that was left, and throw my stuff in a suitcase.

And now that we have had a semi-leisurely morning, the packing is just about done, and we are not just on time, but early. And as I type this I begin to hear the sounds of the vacuum running downstairs.

I'm a happy lady! :)


Anonymous said...

What a great guy!...You picked a good one! Your blog is adorable and we LOVE the beautiful family photo. I hope you have a safe journey to CA and a very Merry Christmas! Love ya!
-Katie & Todd K.

Justin said...

We've always known he was a sweetheart