Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three more days!?!

Every school has those couple of teachers who say things like, "Is it Friday yet?" or have a "how many days until summer" count down displayed on the board by the second week in October. I find these teachers annoying.

But I must admit that this week I find myself anxiously awaiting Friday's arrival and all the freedom it brings.

I need a break. It was hard to work when I was pregnant with Emily... or more like inconvenient. But being pregnant with twins, and already having a toddler is much harder. You can't just come home and take a nap when you feel like it.

I consider my job an important one, and therefore try my best every day. But the past few weeks I have felt inadequate in more ways than one. I felt like I haven't been a good teacher, wife, or mother the past few weeks... as I have done a mediocre job in every area, but not great.

I'm sick of feeling mediocre.

Maybe it is the perfectionist in me, but I need a break from school I think mostly so that I can concentrate on being a wonderful mom and wife. Not being a teacher for a few weeks may be the way to gain back that confidence, at least in those two areas.


Sam said...

I am so feeling the same way, and I don't have the pregnancy card to play. I feel like I'm just running from one thing to another and not doing any of it well. Part of me just wants to skip past Christmas and get to New Year's so I can feel that fresh start of January 1st, but I am looking forward to our first Florida Christmas...
and hoping I can turn the air conditioner off again before then!

Adam said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. I consider myself a perfectionist at work, but damn it if I can't be bothered to care right now. I'm ready for R&R.

Meesh Hays said...

I hear dat, I do!

Jimmy always tells me that my average is better than most people's best, but it just doesn't help.

I just want to stay home and send my family off to the mall so I can clean!